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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


When time come's, and all of our expected technology upgrades are in place, such as, our much anticipated change's to fiber optics, upwards of 1 Terabyte Internet transport capabilities, via ground and a satellite Internet and HDTV network capable signal, in one combined source, broadcasting from a string of specially designed=for capable satellites, upwards of 1gig networking already exists, and HDTV capable video, and Internet from a single Internet connection. Why double up? A quantum leap to combining all home entertainment and xomputer into a single-modular-package (SMP), as we are duplicating services and technologies, and vastly bog down and make unamassable most of our entire entertainment set packages, we will then see Internet Hyperfeeds, in our technological revolution, like none we have ever seen before, and hyperspeed technology capabilities will be expensive.

When this occurs there may be many people, including myself, of whom, will be either unable to afford, or happy to go on using one's now existing Internet speeds and capabilities at a price near that of what one already pays. It makes a whole lot of sense, like with cable and satellite, television, where one does not have to purchase all of the available channels and services, and Internet, where in one can still choose 56k dial-up, or when purchasing high-speed cable/DSL Internet services one does not have to buy only the highest speed package available. When we get to where we see all of the technology changes coming down the line, we will be happy not to have to pay for only the best available Internet and entertainment packages, and ecstatic over being able to continue using what we have now, at the same, or near to the same cost, inflation and steady upgrades you know, and not having to be able to afford only the highest Internet speeds available, at all time's.

Now, does this blasphemy of a term like NetNuetrallity, make one see why us Democrats, get called communists, and anti-free American's enterprise.

Copyright 2006, Mark Robert Gates

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